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Success Stories


Alexandria Hein

Sports Nutrition products are helping people of all ages perform their best. Just ask high school track standout Alexandria Hein, daughter of Sarah and Derek Hein (Senior Executive Coordinators, WI). Check out Alexandria’s cool story!



Janet Fleshour

Janet Fleshour was just looking for a way to make her home safer. But she got much more, including a new way to earn income that allows her to spend time with her family and help others along the way. Check out her inspirational story!



Brooke Thomas

Brooke Thomas (Senior Executive Coordinator, NC) turned her love of Shaklee products into a thriving business with great rewards! Check out her story.



Jenny and Jerry Raether

I was introduced to Shaklee three and a half years ago by Sarah Hein (Senior Executive Coordinator, WI). I started using Shaklee Sports Nutrition™ products to help in my preparation for a half marathon. I quickly began to love the products and have continued to use them ever since.

Lauren and Lindsey Kovac

Sister act Lauren and Lindsey Kovac (FastTRACK Directors, IN) were looking to get out of the corporate grind and into careers they could be excited about when a late night note led them to consider Shaklee. Check out their story!



Miranda Zintgraff

Since beginning her business, Miranda has earned four Shaklee trips, paid registration to the 2015 Shaklee Global Conference, a dream car bonus, and $34,000 in FastTRACK bonuses. Check out her amazing story!



Sam and Sally Garcia

Sam and I have always been entrepreneurs at heart and had a desire to provide the best for our family. Before we came to Shaklee, we owned and operated a successful restaurant. From the outside, it might seem unusual to leave a successful ‘traditional’ business to take a chance on a home-based business like Shaklee, but the restaurant business is hard work and long hours without much time for family.


Tori Minder

Tori Minder dreamed of a different life…a life where she could be present for the important moments in the lives of her children. And she wasn’t sure it was possible, until a friend told her about Shaklee. Check out more of Tori’s inspirational story.

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