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“Over the years, we as so many others, let our weight get out of control. We tried a cleanse before and it worked for a short while but this one is different . It’s based on real food and real knowledge. We are already making better food choices that will give us life-long health. I’ve lost 15 pounds and 16.5 inches in just over 5 weeks. I’m moving more easily- I walked 3 .5 miles yesterday and it felt great! I have a long way to go but with the guidance of Nedra’s Fresh Start with all the menus, recipes, and tips for staying on program, I know we’ll succeed!”

Karen & Bob, FL


“Finished the Cleanse week and the 4 week Rebuild Phase. I don’t own a scale but the tape measure showed that I’m down 9 inches! My clothes fit better, I’m feeling better, and have fewer digestive issues. I’m also enjoying more restful sleep and that’s a true bonus! While I have always eaten mostly organic; desserts and dark chocolate were my downfall. The Avocado Chocolate Mousse recipe in the program is not only healthy, it tastes delicious! We CAN have it all!”

Michelle M., NC


“I completed the 1st seven days of Fresh Start yesterday. I dropped 4 pounds, and 5.5 inches. I played tennis for 2.5 hours today and won both sets. Ooh LaLa, my body feel light and I have a lot of energy. Happy to be going forward into the rebuilding phase of this great program. Thank you Nedra!”

Darlene E., FL


“We are 5 weeks into the Fresh Start program. Bob’s goal was to shrink his belly and begin eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. He’s made great progress on both! He’s dropped 9 pounds and 6.5 inches. More importantly he has more energy, fewer “blah” feelings and less sinus issues.”

“My initial goal was to drop the weight I’ve been holding and I did drop 8.5 pounds and 8 inches in two weeks. However, I’m most excited that the migraines I had once a day for the previous 3 weeks were gone by day four of Fresh Start and have not returned five weeks later. That means no pain meds! My sinus issues have improved, backaches are gone and the cravings for sugar and caffeine are also gone. It’s incredible that I could experience all these benefits after suffering for many months!”

Jen & Bob B., NJ


“I just completed the1st seven days of Fresh Start. Although I felt sluggish on Day one, I was rested and interested in life and all its activities from Day two onward. I love the recipes for creative ways to fix the fresh fruit and vegetables. I’m down 5.8 pounds, and 5.75 inches. On to Phase Two and more success!”

Eileen R., NC


“After just seven days on Nedra’s Fresh Start Cleanse, I’m down 6.5 pounds, and 7.5 inches. I’ve never had this success starting any program. I feel great. My goal is to shed 20 pounds by April 9th. Then I’ll buy a new pair of running shoes!”

Tammy R., MI

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